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About Silvia Petroccia


Silvia Petroccia, Best know as

SP. So-Called "La Tana"


Daughter of an Italian immigrant father and Argentinian mother, tells us that her beginnings in the fascinating antiques world date back to 1980 in Plaza Dorrego (San Telmo Square), Buenos Aires, Argentina, at the heart of the greatest centre of historic interest of the city.


Time went by and for 17 years now, her antiques bussiness has been located in the corner of Defensa and Carlos Calvo streets. She considers it as a family business, which was the product of ideas and daily effort of a whole group, referring by this not only to family members, who has accompanied her in this project since she started, but also to all those whom she has always considers her collaborators, each one specialized in a different subject.

From the very beginning and during all her career, she has been part of the International market of Europe, mostly Italy, and also of the United States, without leaving Brazil aside.


Among her pilot works or adventures, as she addresses them, it is worth mentioning the ten consecutive years participating of the Miami Beach Antique Show (Miami Beach Convention Center), held every January. She participated as well until to two years ago of the Antique Show, formerly known as the Radison Hotel, currently named Sheraton Hotel, at the Miami International Airport. Moreover, she has also participated in the Antiques Show of Atlanta, as in the Hampthons in New York.
Her business, just like the pieces she offers in it, are famous for having a remarkable defined style. Nonetheless, she does not agree much with this concept because although she admits having baroque and eclectic tendencies, she appreciates and embraces the changes in fashion and is capable of spotting beauty where no one else can see any.

Her outstanding pieces have been object of innumerable compliments made by famous personalities such as Lucio Dalla, Diane Laine, Joaquin Cortes, Cindy Crawford, Donatella Versace, Kiss rock band, Donna Karan, the argentine stage manager and Art director Eugenio Zanetti who won an Oscar for his work in the film Resurrection, and the well-known photographer Mario Testino, who wrote an article about Silvias work in the magazine W. of New York.

Way beyond the antiques business, Silvia Petroccias proposal has been since the beginning, a turning point due to its unique style. 

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